Frieda Van Raevels
Frieda Van Raevels

About Me

Graduated Master in Animation from RITS, Brussels, Belgium.
I'm working as a freelance illustrator. My speciality is illustrations aimed at children, preferring cute animals as protagonists in my work. At the moment I love working in watercolours and I'm experimenting with vectors and coloring on the digital side of things.

I try to vary my style as much as possible,welcome feedback and work very closely with the clients to achieve the exact result they have in mind.

On a personal level, I love reading, animals, collecting toys, games, and caring for my cats.


Worked for Belgian publishers: Abimo, Baeckens, Pelckmans, Standaard Uitgeverij, Van In, Yoyo Books, Zuidnederlandse.

Illustrations for 40 books in the Spik and Spek series, which were recently sold to China.

Varied style : from Realistic to Simple Cute.


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